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KOBES International Business B.V. is Your Connection to the World!

We are an international trading company.
Import and export of products including, but not limited to, food & beverage products and raw materials.

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Food & Beverage

We as KOBES International Business are partner of many European brands who would like to be active on the Asian market. Food & Beverage is our key market in China.

Due to years of experience we understand the procedures of the General Administration of Quality Supervision AQSIQ; 中华人民共和国国家质 量监督检验检疫总局 and are able to register the products so that they can be exported to China.


China continues to be the world’s largest consumer market for food and beverage (F&B) products. It surpassed the United States in 2011. This makes the Chinese market increasingly appealing for foreign brands, especially as Chinese consumer behaviour shifts.

Growth of imported F&B products is driven by rising disposable incomes, limited arable land, water scarcity issues, urbanisation, improving logistics systems, growing concerns for food safety, as well as a growing taste for foreign foodstuffs.

By 2018, the Association of Food Industries predicts that China will be the world’s largest consumer of imported food. According to Euromonitor, the Chinese food service sector is now the largest in the world.

Number 1 exporter of F&B products to China is the European Union. Followed by The Association of South-East Asian Nations (2nd) and New Zealand (3rd)

Chinese consumers are increasingly discerning, and many now seek the following qualities when making purchases:

  • Confidence in food safety and ingredients’ integrity
  • High quality
  • Excellent nutritional value
  • Better lifestyle through a variety of food and beverages
  • Modern packaging
  • Freshness
  • Convenience
  1. “China’s potential as a food-importing country is vast, and it will continue to grow as the Chinese middle-income market becomes larger. There are more people who want to try more different foods”

We are able to market your product on the Asian market! Do you think that your product can be added to our portfolio? Please contact us!

Wood Shavings

Extreme Volume Wood Shavings

To combine our knowledge together with the latest production techniques we are able to produce a thin but large shaving, which is 100% dust and bacteria free. (due to the drying process). We call it: Extreme Volume Woodshavings®

Regarding the moisture content in the shaving, the extreme volume shaving is to the core dry! Through this new technique, adopted by ourselves, we have created a maximum absorption! Why? Because the curl is thin and remains wide to get a large volume in the stable, which automatically results in minimising usage.

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